Optometry: A Career that Could Be My Bulls-Eye!

As this coming year (2019-20) should be my last community college one, I am making plans not only for my long sought after bachelor’s, but perhaps to study to be an optometrist!

At Millersville U, which is my university of choice for the bachelor degree, I will study some of the main ideas for the field.  And hopefully, Lord willing, this is followed by optometry school, one of which is right near Philadelphia. Millersville can fit all the required coursework for optometry school, in 3 years (or perhaps fewer, for I already have my general education coursework likely covered by the community colleges.)

Pun intended, around 5 am or so, it dawned on me that I should pursue this field, by reading a page on a website (that is organized like an online textbook).  Since I am familiar with this site, I noticed this brand-new page on glaucoma.

It was as sentimental as it was informative.  My father, who was diagnosed with glaucoma in 1985  faithfully took his eye drops for about a quarter-century until his death in 2010.

His father had it as well.  And my maternal grandmother had glaucoma as well as macular degeneration.  She lost sight in one of her eyes.  The latter condition only affects central vision.  But glaucoma can work from the outside in (“tunnel vision,” which later attacks toward the center).  I don’t know what was responsible, but since she’s dead, it doesn’t matter now.

While some of these concerns are better treated by ophthalmologists (medical eye doctors), optometrists are broadening their scope of treatment.  Some states even allow optometrists to conduct minor surgical procedures.

In any case, optometry is a high-pay, noble, and challenging profession, meeting the needs of people’s vision, arguably our most precious sense.  And for a Christian like me, it is more than just rewarding, it is decidedly God-glorifying.



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